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DSM UNIT#4 is a village which initially did not physically exist. It existed in virtuality, in fractions, in the head of 13 people, all invited by Heimo Lattner and Daniela Swarowsky to participate in a journey. UNIT#4 started to take form as soon as the dwellers met for the first time (16/8/00) at the ICA. Through e-mail communication, established b'ween the 13 participants over the course of the past 5 months relationships developed through the exchange of ideas, visions and how to approach UNIT#4.

I was very lucky to get the chance to be one of the dwellers, meet the others, make experiences together and take this journey.

Together with Simon Häfele and Robert Pinzolitz, we developed the RMT – Remote Music Tool to traverse the borders of the physical space of the ICA and make it accessible and interactive to the outside world.

Recordings of some live performances of mine were extracted from the live streams and can be listened to here.

To find further information please visit the project site dsm.sonance.network.